Kauai Tsunami Update March 25, 2011

Photo by Peter Liu-Maui                       Maui damage                                       Maui home

To get a better idea of the extent of damage to the Hawaiian Islands and Kauai specifically by the recent tsunami, it is helpful to look at the damage estimates for each island.  According to the State Civil Defense, the preliminary damage estimates from the tsunami that hit Hawaii after the Honshu earthquake in Japan totals $30.6 million.

An estimated $2.3 mission of damage was incurred by public infrastructure on the Big Island.  Maui suffered $2.7 million in public damage while Honolulu had $3.4 million.  Kauai had $60,400 in damage to its public infrastructure.  The damage to businesses and private property was estimated separately.  Big Island businesses suffered $13.5 million in losses and $2.5 million in damages was reported to Big Island homes.  On Maui, the damage figures were $5.5 million to private property, including boats and $600,000 to private homes.

As can be seen by these numbers, the largest amount of damages were on the Big Island, representing under 60% of the total losses in the state.  Maui had the second highest total of damages followed by Honolulu and Kauai.

I reported in an earlier blog that the tsunami had been a non event here on Kauai.  These loss estimate numbers bear that out, at least in relation to the damages to the other major Hawaiian islands. This in no way is meant to minimize the losses by Kauai residents who suffered some flooding and damages to their boats.  Fortunately those losses did not include any loss of life.


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