Missing Sign Found

Earlier in the week, Kauai resident Janos Samos reported a sign had been stolen.  He said a community group cleaned up the Hanapepe lookout area, located on Kaumuali‘i Highway. The area beyond the guardrail had been full of trash for years, he said. The cleanup crew erected an aluminum sign with an educational message, greeting the visitors with Aloha. On or about Dec. 28, the sign, along with its concrete footing, was stolen. The group was asking for help to recover the sign.  Here is what the sign looked like:

On the surface this seemed to me to be a pretty reasonable request.  The sign is missing, they’d like it back. After all, who would want to steal a good looking sign like this?  Then I decided to read the sign, although the print was pretty small.  As best I can tell it reads “This area was cleaned ukp by the local citizens and supporters of the Lawful Hawaiian Government who love their ‘aina (land).  Please keep our beautiful island clean.  Take your trash back home or dispose of it in the containers, and remember (Next part written in both Hawaiian and English) Kauai is not America and never will be.  Enjoy your stay on Kauai!

Whoa!  What was that part about Kauai not being a part of America? Now I’m getting the sense this was no ordinary sign, and sure enough a follow up article in the newspaper a few days later said that the sign was not, in fact, stolen.  The mayor’s office had received a complaint of a sign being placed on State land and the sign was removed by the state Department of Transportation  No mention was ever made in the paper of the wording on the sign.


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