Tsunami Update from Kauai

This photo by Garden Island Photographer Dennis Fujimoto is of the crowds in the King Kaumuali‘i

Elementary School cafeteria in Hanama‘ulu while waiting out the tsunami warning in the early morning

hours, Friday. The holding area reached its capacity just before 2 a.m. with lines overflowing the cafeteria

while others spent the night sleeping in their vehicles parked in the school’s parking lot.

The Tsunami sirens sounded for the first time at 10pm and all residents in low lying areas had to evacuate.


photo.JPG photo.JPG


This included all of our guests at Hideaway Cove, so after calling everyone and letting them know what

was happening, we invited everyone up to our home.  The first wave was not due to arrive until 3am, so

there was plenty of time.  Our 18 guests starting arriving around 11pm and everyone was here by midnight.

In these photos you can see everyone enjoying the buffet breakfast we cooked up at 7am.  The all clear signal

was given at 8am and everyone was able to return to Hideaway soon after.


For the most part Kauai did not suffer significant damage.  This photo, also by Dennis Fujimoto of the

Garden Island shows a pier area at Nawiliwili Harbor with the water at unusually low levels.  Properties

that suffered the most water damage were located close to the ocean and built right a sea level.  If you ever

wonder why you see so many house on the north shore of Kauai that appear to be built on stilts, now you

know why.


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