A Walking Tour of the Buildings and Tropical Landscaping at Hideaway Cove Poipu Beach

en53In order to give our future guests a better idea of where they will be staying, we created this video of Hideaway Cove.  One of the owners, Herb, takes a video camera and walks around the property.  He begins at the street and provides plenty of footage of everything, including where to park.  As he passes by each accommodation, he mentions them by name, so you will know exactly where they’re located within our two buildings.  You’ll also notice all of our tropical landscaping and broad expanses of lawn.  This is the perfect video to watch after you’ve seen one or two videos of our interiors.  With these shots of our buildings and grounds you can see what we’re all about–a relaxing a peaceful place to stay in the heart of Poipu Beach.

Watch the Hideaway Cove Walking Tour Now


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