Hideaway Cove Computer and Printer

Hideaway Cove Office
Gale is ready to greet guests in the Hideaway Cove office.  On the near left is the dedicated desk and computer that is available to Hideaway guests 24/7.  Gale keeps regular office hours which are posted on the window of the office, which is located at the rear of the 2307 building.  She can help with all sorts of things, including restaurant reservations, directions and activity bookings.

If she’s not in the office, give her a call at 808-635-6909 for the combination to the lock box located near the office door.  With the combination you can come and go whenever you like.  This is especially nice for printing boarding passes, as the computer is hooked to our office printer.  And if Gale does not pick up her phone, try Herb at 808-635-8785.

Also notice the artwork on the left wall behind Gale’s desk. That’s a very large original work of art painted  by Roger Chandler.  He’s  a former Hideaway Cove guest (two times), whose art is displayed at several galleries on Kauai.  Several more pieces are awaiting installation in all seven villas.  Hanging the art is on Herb’s To Do list :-)


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