New Dolphin Studio Video

Hideaway Cove Dolphin Studio - Kauai Vacation Rental StudioFor some time we’ve been told by our  Hideaway Cove guests that stayed with us that their accommodation was even nicer than they thought it would be. Although we always took that as a compliment, a friend of ours commented in passing “Did you ever stop to think that maybe your photos don’t tell your whole story”.  Well we hadn’t ever thought that because we had one of the top two or three photographers on the island, Ken Posney, do all of our interior and exterior photography.  We were pretty confident that those photos did as much as they possibly could to convey the comfort and quality at Hideaway Cove.

Her comment did cause us to stop and think, however, that in this age of YouTube, videos might do a better job of giving our potential guests a sense of what we’re all about.  With that thought in mind, we found two talented videographers Derek and Kat, willing to take on the project.  Their concept was to do a combination of still and video photography with captions to convey key facts to the viewer.  When I saw the finished product, I thought something was missing but didn’t really know what it was.  Then I realized that a voice over introduction to “set the scene” was the missing link.  Derek convinced me that my voice was better than his, so that’s who you hear in the introduction.  We also found that the ending of the video was vastly improved with another voice over, so that’s what we did.

I’m very happy with the results!  Hats off to Derek and Kat for a great job!  From time to time we’ll be featuring another of the videos we produced but without all this explanation.

I hope you enjoy watching this first video of our Dolphin Studio as much as we enjoyed making the videos and that you’ll come away thinking of Hideaway Cove as a very special place.  I know it is for us.  The Dolphin Studio is a studio vacation rental in Poipu Beach Kauai – view the Dolphin Studio video now.

If you don’t want to wait for future blogs to see all our videos, click here to go to our website.


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