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Finding The Best Kauai Vacation Rental

Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Kauai Vacation Rental

Choosing a vacation rental that will meet your needs can make a significant difference in your overall experience while visiting Kauai. While a vacation rental can be an excellent alternative to standardHOTELS and resorts, doing your research by finding out what is included in the price and asking plenty of questions can be essential to ensuring a good decision is made.

Here is a look at some of the most important questions to ask before booking your vacation rental.

Where is it located?

Finding out how far it is to walk to the beach from the property is crucial. A five minute walk to the beach verses being at the edge of the sand can make a big difference in the overall vacation experience. If you or someone in your party has difficulty walking or other health issues, you might want to find out if a walk up or down a steep hill or stair climbing is required to get to the beach as well. Other questions to consider asking in regard to location include whether or not there is an ocean view, if the property is located on a busy street, and how far it is to amenities like shopping or restaurants.

Is air-conditioning available?

When visiting a tropical climate, air-conditioning can be a necessity. No matter what the amenities of a vacation rental, if temperatures inside are hot and steamy, it can be very difficult to enjoy them or to get a good night’s rest.

Is free Wi-Fi available throughout the property?

Wi-Fi is often ranked by travelers as the most important amenity for any type of accommodation. Even travelers who don’t plan on working usually want Wi-Fi in order to download and post pictures of their vacation to friends and family back home or to secure reservations, check flight information and more.

Unfortunately, some properties advertise Wi-Fi, but when guests arrive they find it is only available in a specific area, such as the lobby. Find out if you’ll be able to access it from your vacation rental and other areas throughout the property.

What are the sleeping arrangements and the total square footage?

A vacation rental listing normally states the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and how many people it sleeps. Find out the details such as the number of beds, en-suite bathrooms, and whether or not sleeper sofas are factored into the total numbers. If there are additional guests, can they be accommodated on aero beds with no extra costs incurred? Finding out the total square footage and the answers to all of these questions can make the difference in whether or not it is suitable for your particular group or family.

What type of amenities are included?

It’s often the little things that count, for example, a vacation rental normally includes a refrigerator, oven, and television, but you’ll want to find out if laundry facilities are available as well as appliances like a dishwasher, coffee maker and others. Coming back from a long day playing outdoors, you might want to be able to relax and soak in a hot tub or Jacuzzi, is this something that is available to you? If there are laundry facilities, are detergent and other supplies like dryer sheets included? A gas barbecue can also be an important amenity if you’d like to enjoy grilling in the comfort of your rental.

For those that don’t want to lug a laptop through the airport, having access to a computer and printer may be important in order toCHECK-IN online for flights or print confirmations. Does the property include an office with access to this? A recycling center offers a convenient way to reduce your carbon footprint, is one available on site?

Other amenities that can help make for a more convenient and comfortable stay include having access to sporting equipment like snorkeling gear and boogie boards as well as beach chairs, coolers, and beach towels.

Is concierge service available?

Concierge service can greatly enhance your vacation by helping you to choose the right restaurants and activities that will meet your party’s needs and desires. Recommendations can be given and reservations can even be made to help provide guests with a worry-free experience. Special extras like in-room massage or even a private chef may also be available – just ask!

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